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Western Australia & Tasmania

Working at height is dangerous business without the correct equipment, training and procedures in place.  Our team of experts design, install, test and certify systems for safe work at heights.

We also provide specialist construction and maintenance services for work on roofs, facades, ledges and awnings.

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Roof Access Systems

We design, install and certify access systems for working at height including roofs, facades, awnings and ledges.


Construction at Height

As experienced trade professionals we provide a whole range of construction services working at height.


Maintenance & Cleaning

We provide cleaning and maintenance services for roofs, gutters, windows, facades, roof plant, solar panels and more.

Why choose HRC Safety

SafeWork Australia and the SafeWork authorities in each state, define the design, installation, testing, inspection and certification requirements for roof access systems and the associated equipment used for work at height. 

This can be a complex space for construction companies, as well as building owners and managers to navigate.

HRC Safety can help you design and install a system that is right for your building.

By doing so we’ll ensure your equipment is safe to use, compliant with the Regulations and Standards, and ready to use every time.


About us

We are an independent company that is 100% Australian Owned and Operated with over 30 years of experience in the construction sector and 20 years with a focus on height safety. 

We take full ownership of every project we undertake to ensure you’re on top of your safety obligations.

Western Australia & Hobart

Perth, Western Australia

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