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5 Safety Benefits of Fall Prevention Systems

It is not uncommon in the construction industry to hear about cases where a worker was severely injured because of falling from a height. In some more unfortunate cases, workers have died because the nature of their job involved working at heights. In Australia, it has been reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that about one-third of all fatalities in the industry are due to falling.

That is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has put emphasis on the establishment of good quality fall prevention systems Perth and the construction sites in other states of Australia. This involves the setting up of equipment that are meant to protect the workers from any fall fatalities, should they happen.

Height safety equipment Perth usually comes in the form of guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems. Other fall prevention systems may be used when performing specific activities. The important thing is to implement them before you even get people working on the site. Here are some benefits that you can gain when you have a good fall prevention system:

1. Prevent Fatalities

The most obvious, yet easily overlooked reason, is of course the workers’ safety. Falls have been recorded to be the leading cause of injury, hospital admissions, trauma, and death among countless workers in the industry. It can take a serious toll on the life and independence of those who suffer from it. It is, therefore, only right to prevent it.

2. Work Gets Done Faster

Accidents does not only mean grave liabilities for the employer, it also sets the work back a couple of days and even up to months. Worse, accidents that injured a fellow worker could traumatise those who witnessed it and impede the morale of those he or she worked with. This leads to workers who are less inclined to continue working due to fear or discouragement. With discouraged workers, productivity suffers.

3. Workers Get Additional Training

Working with fall prevention systems means that workers now have to be equipped with the gear and the tools necessary to keep them safe. This might sound easy on paper, but on field, it would still require the proper handling of the height safety equipment. The training they get will make them more competent, not only in doing their jobs, but keeping themselves safe as well.

4. Professionalism Is Developed

More competent workers means professionalism is practised and developed in each work site. The fall prevention systems set by OSHA are standardised, wherein adherence to these protocols would make you and your workers a professional unit.

5. Increases Employers’ Credibility

When clients hear of your zero fatalities record, given that your work quality suit their building requirements, they are going to be amazed and would want to hire you immediately. Fall prevention systems in construction does not only serve to protect the workers, but it could also benefit the employers in the long run by building a reputation of safety and professionalism.

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