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A Quick Guide to Height Safety Systems

Working at heights in Perth is a dangerous and risky job. Without height safety equipment, people can fall off buildings and suffer serious injuries. For that reason, height prevention systems must be installed and height safety inspections and auditing should be done in any working facility.
So, what height safety equipment and systems are required on your site?

Fall Prevention Systems

Fall prevention systems are a priority when working at heights in Perth. To determine what system works best for a site, a close analysis of the height requirements has to be carried out first. Usually, guardrails are initially installed as they are the primary means of preventing workers from falling to the lower levels.

In situations where guardrails seem impractical, anchor points can be used. This way, workers who are equipped with a harness are less exposed to the dangers associated with falling.

Since accidents may also take place when materials fall off the roof, guards may also be recommended. They prevent objects from falling and hitting passers-by.

Height Safety Equipment

Height safety equipment pieces are categorised into two main types: fall arrest and general height safety. But among the two, the fall arrest systems are the most popular. These systems usually involve the use of a full body harness and connecting equipment between an anchor point and the harness. In the event of a fall, the full body harness will evenly distribute the impact throughout the body. It will also keep the worker in a secure and upright position.

Fall Arrest Equipment

Fall arrest systems are widely used as a fall restraint to prevent a worker from reaching the fall area. Among all equipment pieces that are used when working at heights in Perth, this system is the most popular.

Fall Prevention Training

Sure, a working facility or a site can have the best height safety equipment and fall prevention systems. But without a person who knows how to use them properly, everything will be futile.

With a fall prevention training, workers will be familiar with all the different systems used when working at heights. They will be equipped with the skills needed to promote a safe and successful working space.

Wrapping Up

Whether you work at heights once in a while or every day, know that your safety is of utmost importance. One mistake and fatalities may occur. So, learn how to prepare and protect yourself as risks are everywhere.

When it comes to your height safety needs, contact HRCWA.

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