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How Fall Prevention Systems Work

Are you working in the construction industry? Then we assume that you are already aware that you’re doing one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia.

According to statistics, many construction workers die due to work-related falls. And unfortunately, the majority of the employers of these victims do not have written safety rules and policies for the job. To make matters worse, some of these victims fell without personal protective equipment. For that reason, strict rules and laws have since been implemented, including the use of fall prevention systems in Perth.

For construction workers, the message is obvious. The use of a fall prevention system needs to be implemented.

How It Works

A fall prevention system is one of those common-sense and obvious tasks that need to be checked, inspected, and evaluated before putting someone in a dangerous job. It’s usually the first step to protect workers from dangerous and difficult working environments.

An effective fall prevention system is set up in such a way that a worker’s free fall should be less than 1.8 metres approx. It should not go beyond that. It should also be effective and reliable enough to stop a worker’s fall and reduce the speed. It should limit the arresting force, which is the force on the body that exists when the fall is stopped.

Inspecting a Fall Prevention System

To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a fall prevention system, all components need to be inspected every now and then. Remember, this system is designed to save lives. So, whenever possible, workers and safety inspection officers should never compromise any component of the system.
After a fall, all the parts of the system, as well as the anchorage point, should be removed and inspected by a competent and qualified person. If it’s damaged and faulty, it should not be used again and has to be replaced.


Fall prevention systems are created to prevent workers from falling from one level to another. Although some employers install and set up these safety systems to comply with the law, the problem is that they don’t explain their purpose, making them futile.

Explaining the use of these systems to workers and how they work gives everyone a fuller understanding of the importance and reasons why safety measures need to be implemented. With a properly installed fall prevention system in Perth and with a clearer idea on how they work, fall-related injuries can be prevented.

If you think your business or organisation can benefit from a fall prevention system, please get in touch.

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