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How to Avoid Injuries Due to Falling Objects When Working at Heights

You’ve equipped your workplace with the best fall protection measures to keep your employees safe and protected when working at heights in Perth and other areas, but have you taken into consideration the safety and security of your employees working beneath scaffolds?

Falling objects and work materials are a major hazard, exposing workers to relatively minor injuries, such as cuts and abrasions, and to more serious injuries like concussions and blindness. Areas where overhead work is carried out put employees at high risk of falling objects. Unfortunately, this issue is not always fully addressed.

The risk of falling objects can be minimised by taking simple and passive safety measures and installing fall prevention systems in Perth and in the surrounding areas. Consider the following key points to practice securing tools, avoid tool drops, and increase workplace safety.

Provide Safety and Warning Signs

As an employer, you need to provide adequate and accurate warning signs for both the employees and the people who come in and out of the site. This is especially important when you are working in an area where there is potential for falling objects is high.
Some of the most effective ways to do this include verbal communication and signage posting. A way of ensuring the safety of guests on the job site is having your employees, who know which areas have the potential for falling objects, escort them.

Know Safety Measure While Securing Loads

When employees are required to lift loads to a higher level, they must make sure that the load is properly secured and stable. Position the loads correctly to ensure safety and stability. When lifting a pallet with stacks of boxes, wrap them with plastic to keep them from falling. If you use plastic wrap, take note that it may stretch once it goes through high heat, causing the loads to shift. For heavy-weighted materials, use metal or cloth straps to secure them.

Do not forget to alert or warn your colleagues once you perform the job to avoid collision and accident.

Safely Move the Loads

As you move the loads, do not lift, lower, or swing them over your coworkers’ heads. When the medium has to be unloaded on high shelves, where loads have the potential to tumble over, ensure to put a spotter in place to keep employees from entering the backside hazard. It can also be a way to instruct the employees placing the loads.

Whenever possible, carry out the stacking and heavy-moving operations during working hours when only a few people are present.

Keep Your Worksite Clean

One of the best and most effective ways to ensure workplace safety and security is by keeping it clean and organised. Working tools and materials and debris are some of the primary causes of falling objects. To alleviate this hazard, you should make sure that work areas are clean and tidy.

When workers are done with their job or are finished using tools, they should place the equipment back in their proper storage areas. When they make a mess and debris, they must not leave them attended, but clean them up immediately.

Implement Administrative Controls

Administrative controls — company policies, operating procedures, job tasks, or training programs — are a great way to prevent falling objects in the workplace. They are purposefully designed as safety measures.

You can benefit from administrative controls, big time. Installing boards on the side of elevated work areas or scaffolds will prevent objects from falling over the edge. Using bars across storage areas will keep your materials from tumbling out. Storing nets will help you get ready to catch objects when they fall unexpectedly. Implementing fences and other forms of barricades will keep your workers and guests out of fall zones.

Additionally, scheduling work at a time when people at lower levels are few is the best.

Install Protective Equipment

When all else fails, installing protective equipment will save you. If you’re in an area that is potential for falling object hazards, always wear hard hats and steel-toed shoes. Before using this equipment, have them inspected to know if they are in the best working condition.

Install or upgrade your height safety equipment in Perth. Avoid the risk of improper installation by hiring HRCWA. Our team understands that the installation of the system is just as important as the equipment. Our height safety technicians ensure that your installation is carried out to the highest specifications, making sure that your system is safe and adheres to the regulatory means of the country.

Today, there are already a significant number of employees who are injured due to falling objects and dropped tools. However, we can reduce the number of injured and harmed employees, or even wipe it out, if we take into account the best practices in preventing falling objects when working at heights.

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