HRC Safety


Safety experts for roof access systems & working at height

Western Australia & Tasmania

Our team of safety experts provide a complete range of services for roof access systems and working at height, plus specialist construction and maintenance work above the ground.

Roof & Facade Access Systems

We design, install and certify access systems for working at height including roofs, facades, awnings and ledges.

This includes design work for architects, engineers and building owners, as well as project managers and property management companies.

Upon completion, our systems include ‘as-constructed’ design drawings and Safe Operating Procedures that can be added to your WHS system.

Our role includes the ongoing, scheduled testing and certification of your roof and height access systems, which keeps them in service and ready for use.

Construction Work At Heights

Our team is made up of highly experienced and qualified tradies who are capable of a wide range of construction services at heights.

Being qualified to work in high-risk situations above 2m, we can add an extra level of risk assurance to your team by providing specialist construction services at heights.

We can take on a complete package of work or you can add our experts to your team.

Our role can include the SWMS and SOPs necessary to ensure your construction work complies with all relevant Safe Work Regulations and Code of Practice.

Maintenance & Cleaning

We provide cleaning and maintenance services for a whole range of high risk work above 2m.

Being qualified to work at heights, we can take care of several aspects of your cleaning, schedule maintenance and any new work at heights.

Our role can include the necessary safety procedures and maintenance records that’ll take the pressure off your building management team.

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